Understanding Your WebFootprint

our goal

With the growth of online social networks and social media sites, the increase in dynamic web content, and the popularity of digital communication, more and more public information about individuals is available on the Internet. While much of this information is not sensitive, it is not uncommon for users to publish some sensitive information, including their birth dates and addresses, on social networking sites. The availability of this publicly accessible and potentially sensitive data can (and does) lead to abuse, exposing users to fraud, stalking, and identity theft. To help users better understand the potential risks associated with publishing certain data on the web, this project focuses on helping individuals determine and understand their WebFootprints.

WebFootprinting Inception

privacy matters

The idea behind this project began in 2010. Lisa Singh was discussing ways to improve privacy on social networking sites with one of her undergraduate classes and one of her students asked "Why does it matter?" The student continued by saying that she wanted all of her information posted so that all of her friends and acquaintances could find her easily. Yikes!!

Project Investigators

Georgetown University

Three faculty members in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University are the primary investigators for this project (listed below). Of course, the students are the real heart of the team and funding from the National Science Foundation is greatly appreciated.

  • Lisa Singh, Associate Professor
  • Micah Sherr, Associate Professor
  • Grace Hui Yang, Assistant Professor